Tettoia di copertura

struttura di copertura, tettoia

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Pastorizzatore con sosta,  Pasteurizer with stop

You can see an example of a pasteurizer with stop we have recently built 
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Attracco Motonave [Motor ship docking structure]

Please take a look at our great motor boat docking structure realizzed and positionated towards on the river Po by Cos. Mo Italia S.r.l. 


New construction: 15 Ton.s Tank installation

In the references pages you can find the pictures about our last activity at the Unilever Italia factory in Casalpusterlengo.
In the beginning we put in place the tank provided by the customer which is a very important factory of cleaning and higiene products. We then connected all the new lines with particular attention to the piping accomodation.
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